"Chris assessed my gifted son yesterday. Normally, he is shy in a new environment, but Chris was fantastic and made him feel at home. My son absolutely enjoyed the tests and the time he spent with Chris. As a mother of a gifted child, I have always wonder if my child's educational needs are being met at school, or if it would be more beneficial to let him skip a school year. Chris assessment answered all my questions and she pointed us in the right directions. My son and I are definitely more confident now to move forward. I can't say thank you enough Chris🙂

Lucy Laurentino " (October 2019)

"My son was assessed by Chris at her private practice, his school had requested we undertake the assessment to establish what his learning capabilities were and what some of his more quirky behaviours could be attributed to. He was very excited to be having some one on one time with an educational assessor and he very much enjoyed the learning challenges he undertook. As a parent I was a little nervous that 3 hours may be a long time for a just turned 8 year old, but my son thoroughly enjoyed himself and said he was given breaks where needed. Being a very energetic child this would have helped to get the best out of him. After the assessment, Chris took the time to enlighten me on her findings and it was obvious that she had really understood my child, which as parents, we were so grateful for. Having just received her extremely thorough and detailed report we are delighted at her recommendations for the school and how my son can go forth now, with the right support to achieve his full potential."

"Chris’ assessment of our son was fantastic and provided insights that we have not noticed before and allowed us to understand why we were seeing certain behaviors, and will be of great use in dealing with issues at school. Chris’ recommendations are realistic and her referrals will greatly benefit our son. The testing was conducting in such a wonderful manner our son so enjoyed it he has asked if he can do it again. I would recommend her to anyone."

"Your innate ability to put our child at ease enabled what we feel was an accurate assessment of his abilities and ‘quirks’. As health professionals ourselves, we believe that your recommendations were thoughtful and appropriate. They have been beneficial to our family as a unit and our son as an individual. We would, without hesitation, recommend your services to another parent who is seeking an assessment to know if their child is gifted, is looking for some guidance on how to best nurture their childs strengths, to help in areas they may be struggling and to assist in advocating for the child in an educational setting. Your follow-up service was professional, prompt, thoughtful and encouraging to our child. Thank you for your insights and for helping our family understand our son better and for us to see a clear way forward to a happy and rewarding future."